If you have a backyard pool, you are probably already using it to cool off this summer. However, it’s important to establish some safety guidelines for using the pool. Here are 5 important swimming pool safety tips to keep everyone safe this season.

1) No One Should Enter the Pool Without Your Knowledge

The first thing that you should do is install a fence around your pool if it does not already have one. Fences keep out kids and pets that might get too close and fall in. The fence should be a height that kids can’t climb over, at around five feet. Be clear that no one can enter the water without permission and make sure there is always adult supervision at all times. You could also add a safety cover and an alarm for extra security.

2) People in the Pool Should Know How to Swim

People in your household should take swimming lessons to become strong swimmers if you own a pool. You should also have the discretion to refuse access to neighbors, friends, and their kids if they can’t swim. Everyone that gets in the pool needs to be able to handle the water.

3) Reduce Hazards for Swimming Pool Safety

Creating a secure pool requires more than just putting up a fence and alarm system. There are potential hazards in the pool, from slippery steps to drains that could cause injury. Remind kids not to go near the drains and invest in drain covers. Install tread on stairs and ladder steps to keep people from slipping.

Simple tools like reaching poles and life rings can save a life in an emergency. Have a chest of life vests for weaker swimmers and a poolside phone in case you need to call an emergency number.

4) Display Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Make sure that all family members are knowledgeable about swimming pool safety, first aid, and the general rules. The rules of the pool should be posted clearly so everyone knows what they can and cannot do. Tell kids they will lose pool privileges for breaking the rules.

Take first aid and pool safety courses. People who know how to retrieve a drowning victim and perform CPR could save a life.

5) Get Insurance

Finally, remember that you are liable in case of accidents, even if someone was reckless and ignored your pool safety rules. Protect yourself with coverage for liability lawsuits. Talk to your insurance company about what kind of coverage you need with a backyard pool.

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