What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

It is typical to have a professional inspector inspect a home you intend to buy or sell. But it is easy to overlook the need to schedule a home maintenance inspection after living in a house for several years.

Think of a maintenance inspection as visiting your health care provider for regular checkups. The inspector checks your home from top to bottom, which will help prioritize your home improvement list. They can catch small issues before they turn into bigger, costly problems.

The inspector examines your home’s main systems and structural elements, such as roofing, walls, crawlspace, heating and cooling, electrical, and plumbing. They can spot potential problems like small cracks that you might not notice or simply think are not a big deal.

This service is worth it whether your objective is to sell the home or you just want to get a clear picture of its current condition.

When Should I Schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Schedule a home maintenance inspection every 3-5 years. Inspectors examine your home from a completely unbiased viewpoint. This is especially useful if there’s a potential need for an expensive repair project related to your foundation, roof, etc. The inspector’s duty is to identify issues without the intention of selling you anything to fix those problems.

Things to Expect During the Inspection Process

The inspector will thoroughly examine various elements, walk you through what they have found, and explain their findings. They will provide a comprehensive written report to guide you in your home improvement efforts.

Make sure every system and component of the home is accessible to the inspector. Remove clutter, unlock doors and cabinets, and check to see that the attic is open. The home inspector may not examine areas he or she cannot reach.

You are free to ask questions or seek clarification during the home maintenance inspection process. And even if the inspector doesn’t detect any issues, they can recommend regular maintenance steps to protect your investment.

Peaks and Gables Home Inspection offers home maintenance inspections in Northern Georgia. If you’re buying or selling a home, contact us to request an appointment.