A home inspection with a drone is a great way to get a birds-eye view of your property and identify possible issues. A drone surveys your property from above and helps your home inspector identify problems with the roofing. The use of drones in home inspections has gained popularity over recent years. Thanks to this technology, roof inspections are easier and safer.

Use a Drone to Inspect the Roof

Roof inspections can be dangerous for inspectors. When a person is inspecting a steep roof or hard-to-reach places around chimneys and dormer windows, accidents are more likely. With an aerial drone, the inspector will capture footage of the property, inspecting hard-to-reach locations without being at risk for falls.

The Benefits of Using Drones in Home Inspections

From homes and commercial properties to government buildings, many inspectors are using this technology to conduct aerial surveys of a roof safely and quickly. For home inspectors, it is helpful to use a drone on homes that have badly damaged roofing or a slope that is too steep to walk. Residential roofs that are inaccessible due to their slope, bad weather, and ice can still be inspected using a drone.

More Efficient, Faster, and Safer Home Inspections

Drones in home inspections have revolutionized the industry. They provide an opportunity to gather information about a structure and the surrounding areas. Aerial drones used in home inspections capture images and/or video of the roof and its architectural features. The inspector can use the footage to get a better look at hard-to-reach areas to discover problems or defects with the materials.

How are Drones in Home Inspections Safer?

Even a roof in good condition poses a hazard during an inspection. However, old, deteriorating homes and roofs with significant damage due to storms or aging are especially risky for inspectors. If a roof cannot be accessed by the inspector, the drone with its high-definition videos offers a safer way to assess the condition of the roof.

A Quicker Home Inspection

Drones in home inspections help save time because they quickly capture footage for the inspection report. When referencing the footage from the drone, your home inspector will be able to zoom in on certain areas of your home to get a closer look at issues or areas of concern.

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